I’m Too Cheap isn’t about being cheap, but instead, spending less on experiencing more. Let’s face it, a lot of life’s stresses are caused from money, so how do we make more while spending less?

Well, read on and learn!  At I’m Too Cheap, we want to help reduce your financial stress by teaching you ways to not only earn and save more money, but also in spending that money wisely. Like mine, your money is hard-earned and it’s okay to want to feel “cheap” with it. We’re all making money for our own reasons, so let’s figure out ways we can do more with it.

We currently have two contributors at I’m Too Cheap. They’re both “cheap” in their own way, so read up and learn why!


I’m a graphic designer. I have no background in finance and I was also never particularly good with personal finances. I wasn’t exactly a “starving artist”, but I wanted to enjoy more in life without breaking the bank.  After years of advice from people more knowledgeable than me, and with practice through painful stock losses (albeit some humble gains), I learned a few things that even a beginner like myself could benefit from. As the excited lecturer that I was, I wanted to share my knowledge with anyone I came in contact with.

As I imparted my insights, I found myself having the same conversations with my friends and family over and over again. And as much as I loved to teach people until they fully understood and wanted me to stop talking, I was only able to reach a few people at a time. So naturally, starting this blog was simply more efficient. Now I had a way of putting it all in writing. All the quick tips, the lengthy details, and the examples that can finally be illustrated, I’m here to help anyone who’s interested in spending their life wisely and cheaply!


I wanted to start this blog after people at work started calling me frugal and cheap. I think I’m being smart. I always get upset and irritated when my friends and colleagues use cash or debit cards to pay for everything. Or when they buy something at full price. I tell them, “please don’t buy that,” but they just don’t seem to get it.

I’m smart about using money and being frugal. You can call it cheap, but I will be the one laughing when I redeem my points and cash back that I’ve saved for a luxurious vacation getaway.

This blog is a wake-up call to those who believe that cash is king. I want to drill it in their heads and show them that no, it is not. Heed the advice I write, read the articles I read, and follow those I follow and you too can save money, invest in yourself first, and travel around the world at costs you never thought possible!