Don’t you love shopping online?  With only a few clicks, you can have your purchases shipped right to your door.  More often than not, the prices online are also a lot cheaper than what you would find in brick and mortar stores.  But what if you could save even more by going through a few more websites? What if you can save tens of dollars? Even hundreds? Would you do it for just a few more clicks?

Cashback and Shopping Portals

So how can you save with a few more clicks?  With cashback and shopping portals! These are websites where you can search for savings for a particular store. How it works is by going through their website for the savings, they will earn a small commission. But by doing so, they will share that commission with you.  And when it comes to saving money, you want the most discount available to you, not just from the store, but from a referrer generating a sale for the store.

There are many cashback and shopping portals these days such as Ebates, UPromise, and Top Cashback to name a few. Even airlines nowadays have their own shopping portals so you can earn miles.  So if you want to save more money shopping online, you should use these cashback and shopping portals every time before you purchase anything.

But how do you know which cashback site to use?  Well, that depends on where you plan to purchase.

Cashback Monitor & ev’reward: The Search Engines for Cashback Portals 

Cashback Monitor and ev’reward are cashback portal search engines.  Type in a store name and these search engines will check to see which portals (like the ones mentioned previously, such as Ebates) have what percentages of cashback or points available.

For example, let’s say I want to purchase some bedding for my bedroom that costs $100 from Target.  Normally, I would go to “”, search for bedding, and then purchase the bedding I’d want.

But instead, in order to save more, I would first go to Cashback Monitor or ev’reward and search for “Target”.

Savings available with Target at Cashback Monitor

Cashback Monitor will list all the cashback websites with the store you searched for (Target)

Upon searching, I noticed that on Cashback MonitorSimply Best Coupons is offering a 5% cashback!  Let’s click and take a closer look:

5% cashback categories the merchant is offering

See all the 5% cashback categories the merchant is offering in the red box on the right!

Many websites offer different percentages of cashback for various items that you’d like to purchase.  In this case, bedding has 5% cashback.  So I would go through Simple Best Coupon’s link, get redirected to Target, and then purchase my bed sheets.  I just saved $5 with about 4 more clicks!

How I Triple-Dipped On Savings!

So in addition to cashback shopping portals, I can combine with other methods in order to save even more! Here’s a recent story how I was able to triple-dip on savings.

Back in June, I had a bachelor party to attend in awesome Las Vegas.  But due to scheduling conflicts, last minute decision-making, and the summer vacation season, flights and hotels had to be booked at above normal market price.  To make matters even worse, many of the hotels that could fit our bachelor party were either already booked or way out of our budget.

Eventually, the best man managed to find a Hilton hotel, but having no experience with online travel agencies (or OTA’s), like Expedia, and hotel bookings, he almost booked our stay of two nights for almost $530, which was still above our budget.  I convinced him that I could find a cheaper rate and here’s what I did.

First, I went through Hilton’s website because of their best rate guarantee (BRG).  I managed to find the same room for the same days for about $15 dollars cheaper.  Even though the two nights came out to a total of $511.17 (after taxes and resort fees), I still did not book!

Then, I went to Cashback Monitor and searched for “Hilton”.  At that time, UPromise was offering 5% cashback at  I went through their link and booked the two nights using my AmEx Hilton Surpass credit card (find out why I did not use a debit card). After about two months, I received $20.32 from UPromise.

And finally as an added bonus, I also earned a ton of Hilton points (over 20,000 to be exact) by booking through their website and their credit card (12 points per dollar spent at Hilton properties)!  Eventually with enough of these points, I can save even more on future stays!

So in total, here’s my triple-dip savings breakdown:

  1. BRG Savings: -$15
  2. Upromise Cashback: -$20.32
  3. Over 20,000 Hilton Points

Total savings with a few more clicks: $35.32

Buy Through Cashback Portals for Everything!

So do not buy on impulse!  If you see something you like at a store, even Walmart, do not hesitate to search for any cashback portals and buy through them.  Additionally, you can always choose to pick up at the store (if the option exists) a few hours later and save even more money and time on shipping!  All it takes for more savings is a few more clicks!  If you use my referral link to join Ebates, you’ll receive $10 on top of your first cashback savings!  Happy shopping!

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