How to Use Shopping Portals to Save Even More

Don’t you love shopping online?  With only a few clicks, you can have your purchases shipped right to your door.  More often than not, the prices online are also a lot cheaper than what you would find in brick and mortar stores.  But what if you could save even more by going through a few more websites? What if you can save tens of dollars? Even hundreds? Would you do it for just a few more clicks?


7 Reasons to Stop Using Cash and Start Learning the Benefits of Credit Cards

Swipe with the plastic and start saving some cash!  With good self-control on keeping frivolous spending to a minimum, having a credit card and using it wisely could actually save you money! Here are seven reason why you need to stop using your cash and start learning about the benefits of credit cards.


SCRA Act & How Servicemembers Can Benefit

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, also known as SCRA, is a federal law that protects individuals who are entering the service, active duty members, and all other reserve and national guard service members from certain civil obligations, such as financial burdens while being in the service or in a deployed environment.  The law also protects the family members of those service members.

Such protections may include:

  • Credit card debts
  • Mortgages on your home
  • Taxes
  • Lease terminations
  • Rental and Eviction protections while deployed

The eligibility for SCRA differs for reservists and the national guard.  In these cases, you are covered only for the time you are called up for active duty.


The Beginner’s Guide on How to Start Investing in Stocks

Like most people, I’ve always wanted to travel and explore the world.  But traveling costs money and in my early days after college, most of my money went straight to rent, bills, and student loans.  I couldn’t get myself to spend months of my savings on just one trip.  If only there was a way to earn some extra income without getting another job. But like you (and Jon Snow), I knew nothing.

Fortunately, with the help of a finance friend, I was able to start investing in stocks and earn some extra cash on the side. This helped pay off my debts and more importantly to me, start traveling.

So here in this very beginner-friendly guide, I will be your finance friend and guide you through the early and intimidating steps of Wall Street.